EP #0004 Steve Baty

#storytellerjewels Welcome to the telling of story podcast. I’m your host, storyteller jewels. And along with my guests, it’s my endeavour to explore the art and science of storytelling, to attract, engage and retain a business audience and to unpack why it works for some and not for the many that try this week I have…

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EP #0003 Jeremy Pollard

#storytellerjewels In today’s episode, I get to interview Jeremy Polard. Listen in as he describes what makes a great storyteller Jeremy Pollard the world’s best storytellers are also the best listeners and the best of asking questions because that’s what makes their story actually line up to the other parties. Consequence or situation.  #storytellerjewels Welcome to the telling…

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EP #0002 Andy Rycroft

#storytellerjewels this episode, I interview Andy Rycroft. Listen in as he describes the benefits of creating content on the fly based on the feedback you’ve just got from your client.  Andy Rycroft The benefit of that is that you deliver much more relevant information on DH. You show a lot law vulnerability on doing so. People going…

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EP #0001 Bill Caskey

#storytellerjewels this episode, I interviewed Bill Caskey listen in as he shares some insights.  Bill Caskey “If you do content every week, do something every week, you will become a better communicator whether anybody read your content or not. So just by the very nature of writing, producing videos, recording audios, I believe that I have thrown…

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EP #0000 The Telling of Story Trailer

Once upon a time… an opening to a sentence that immediately conjures up the beginning of any number fairy tales. A line I’ve used on my children when they were young a million times. An easy place to start even if you are making up a story on the fly. Bedtime Storytellers know that a…

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