EP #0043 Walter Faaij

Walter Faaij is a corporate anthropologist and the founder of Green Culture Lab. Walter talks, writes and consults on sustainability, corporate culture and culture change. Guiding leaders of companies and organisations in embedding sustainability in their corporate culture.

Walter has also researched the social impact of climate change on Greenland.

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EP #0042 Rachel Franklin-Heys

Rachel Franklin Hayes, armed with a psychology degree from the University of Reading.

Rachel’s journey began in in person customer service and sales, forging her commitment to authentic connections. Boasting a diverse background in sales, leadership, and customer service across various industries, Rachel brings a versatile set to the table. Her approach is rooted in creating meaningful face to face interactions.

Which has then evolved to fostering the same meaningful connections for digital and remote companies, shaping her into a client success powerhouse. Passionate about authenticity and people first philosophy, Rachel believes connection should extend further than transactional relationships. Her belief in the value of genuine connections extends beyond professional realms, making her not only a client success expert, but also a life skill enthusiast.

At Pickle Co, Rachel serves as a catalyst, guiding clients in crafting their unique message [00:02:00] and developing their personal brand. Her dedication goes beyond the business realm, enriching both enterprises and clients alike.

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EP #0041 Ciara Ocasio

Ciara Ocasio’s journey in media production and videography began with a degree in photography. But a love for the moving images has been a constant force throughout her life. As a creative young professional, Ciara brings a unique blend of technical expertise and a knack for collaborative storytelling to every project.

Beyond the professional realm, Ciara’s ability to connect with people and her insatiable curiosity have been key drivers in her career success. When she’s not crafting compelling visuals, you might find her putting on events, volunteering or honing her skills at Toastmasters. What sets Ciara apart from her belief is the power of stories, both micro and macro.

To her, stories aren’t just enjoyable, they’re potent tools capable of driving real results. Her innovative approach to [00:02:00] videography and video editing reflects her commitment to uncovering and sharing the narratives that already exist in our daily lives.

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EP #0040 Rosalind Cardinal

When growing up, Rosalind Cardenal could not decide if she wanted to be a librarian, a vet, or the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. She achieved none of these goals, but a fascination with human behaviour and neuroscience led her to a career in organisational development specialising in improving business outcomes by developing individuals, teams and organisations.

After more than 20 years in corporate human resources and organisational development roles, A successful battle with cancer gave Roz the nudge to take a passion For transforming leaders and improving how individuals and organizations cope with change in a new direction. Leaving her senior corporate role in 2012, Roz established her consulting business, shaping change to achieve her goals.

Roz’s expertise spans strategic planning, leadership development, organizational culture, change management, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement. She is a multi award winning leadership mentor and coach. Roz is a keen writer, and in addition to her book, The Resilient Employee, and her own blog, she is featured regularly in Leaders in Hills.

Thrive Global and People Development Magazine, amongst many others. Roz continues her commitment to growing empowered female leaders with the development of a Women’s Leaders Archetypes Assessment and Sovereign Women’s Model. The assessment has been taken by over 10, 000 women globally and is being described as women’s leaders as life changing.

In 2022, Roz traveled to Washington DC to collect a World of Difference Award from the International Alliance for Women for this work.

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EP #0039 Agi Keramidas

Dr. Agi Kirimidas is originally from Greece and has been living in the UK since 2010. His personal development journey took him from being a dentist with a master’s degree to becoming a podcaster, knowledge broker, and author. He is a lifelong journey of personal growth and self mastery.

Despite his formal education, he is a big believer in the immense power of self education. He’s a critical thinker and yet at the same time, deeply spiritual. He is the host of the Personal Developed Mastery podcast and his mission is to inspire his audience to stand out and take action towards the next level of their lives.

His podcast ranks in the global top 1. 5 percent and he has interviewed close to 200 people among them, Brian Tracy. Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. John Demartini.

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EP #0038 Daniel Roqueo

Daniel Raqueo is a spiritual teacher. Since 2017, he has been touching, moving, and serving. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in transforming their lives. Through the grace of Spirit, Daniel continues to touch and serve individuals from all around the world as they move along the path to freedom, waking up and transforming their lives, so that they may set themselves free from fear, worry, doubt, a sense of lack, scarcity, and separation, from a sense of not being enough.

So that they may set themselves free to be in ever expanding love, joy, peace, harmony, wholeness, abundance.

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EP #0037 Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown has been a journalist for English and French media for over 30 years. Since 1987, Daniel has been based in Paris from where he reports on international current affairs, global economics, French politics, African society. Sports and world music.

Between 1991 and 2013, Daniel produced and reported for Radio France Internationale’s weekly programs covering the above topics. This meant traveling the world with a particular focus on the African continent, reporting assignments in a total of 38 countries there. In 2013, Daniel decided to move on, and Worked as a freelance for media outlets ranging from the BBC World Service to NBC’s The History Channel via Songlines Magazine and Questions Internationales.

In 2016, Daniel accepted an offer [00:02:00] as the Senior Editorial Reporter for HSC Paris, one of Europe’s most prestigious business schools. Daniel’s reports range from HEC collaboration with Muhammad Yunus Christine Lagarde and Rob Hopkins to projects promoting young women entrepreneurs from Paris’s impoverished neighborhoods and research on contested markets.

In 2020, Daniel began Breakthroughs, a monthly podcast on the impact and diversity of HEC research. These are soon to be filmed.

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EP #0036 Deana Tsiapalis

Deena Chopolis. After watching her mother’s lived experience with undiagnosed ADHD, post polio syndrome, and celiac disease, which resulted in an early death.

Along with her husband’s experience of living much of his early years with an undiagnosed rare metabolic disorder, Dina grew to understand the challenges of those who live with invisible chronic conditions. Being misunderstood, not believed, labelled as slow or lazy, being told that everything looks fine after testing.

That what they experience on a daily basis must all be in their head. As a pain coach, Dina, along with the chronic pain community, witnessed firsthand how chronic pain Care is truly broken. Through all of this, Dina has learned that all chronic health or chronic pain is indeed biological, psychological and social in nature.

And this is just not being shared with the chronic pain community. Even though there is 12 years of solid research to back it up. So she got to work and created a unique space exclusively for the chronic pain community to bridge the gap between physician care and the pain warrior with self care management through pain education Coaching, community and peer mentorship.

Exactly the sort of model she wished she could find when her parents and her husband needed guidance.

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EP #0035 Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale believes in pushing boundaries and inspiring others to unlock their full potential. In 1996, she became the first British woman to reach the magnetic North Pole and has followed up with travels to over 75 countries. Sue brings this ethos of exploration to her work as an executive coach, encouraging her clients who are board level executives and senior leaders to embark on a transformative journey of self discovery and leadership growth.

Her mantra is, we can all achieve more than we imagine possible. Often the only person stopping you. Is you. In 2020, she started the Access to Inspiration podcast based on the same ethos and is now in the top 10 percent most popular podcast globally.

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EP #0034 Katie Stoddart

Katie Stoddart is the founder of the Focusbee, is an award-winning, transformative and conscious leadership.

Coach Katie supports entrepreneurs and companies to reach and sustain peak performance in their business.

She’s dedicated to enabling people to lead with greater joy, alignment, and purpose.

Katie started her career as an engineer working offshore, mapping the seafloor from a time at sea. She gained the experience of leading teams under stressful circumstances.

During her career, Katie has explored two of the greatest mysteries and unknowns, the infinity of the ocean, and the depth of the human psyche.

Passionate about leadership, performance and mindfulness. Katie is frequently invited to speak and host conferences she has amongst others. Spoken at Mindvalley Women in Tech 15 seconds and hosted a TEDx event for her weekly podcast, the Focus Bee show. Katie interviews international high performers and leaders.

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