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EP #0017 Sam Knowles

Sam Knowles is the founder and MD of Data Storytelling Consultancy Insight agents. He helps organizations make smarter use...

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EP #0016 Brianna Blacet

Brianna Blacet is a corporate storyteller who specializes in helping highly technical subject matter experts, craft compelling stories about...

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EP #0015 Denise Withers

Denise Withers launched her career as a whitewater filmmaker in the Ottawa River, spending every day paddling big water...

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EP #0014 Megan Davis

Megan Davis a devotee of the magic of storytelling. She was first Spellbound by the art of storytelling when...

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EP #0013 Brian Schoenborn

Brian Schoenborn has lived with PTSD for over 20 years and has tried nearly everything to overcome his trauma....

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EP #0012 Ravi Ravindran

Ravi Ravindran is a four-time startup founder, and a former entrepreneur in residence at the University of Toronto. And...

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EP #0011 Dr Kate Barker

Kate barker is a globally recognized chief HR leader future of work expert and an awarded authority in talent...

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EP #0010 Wayne Moloney

Wayne Moloney is an Australian business growth specialist with the global background for over four decades. In rolls from...

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