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EP #0043 Walter Faaij

Walter Faaij is a corporate anthropologist and the founder of Green Culture Lab. Walter talks, writes and consults on sustainability,...

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EP #0042 Rachel Franklin-Heys

Rachel Franklin Hayes, armed with a psychology degree from the University of Reading. Rachel's journey began in in person customer...

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EP #0041 Ciara Ocasio

Ciara Ocasio's journey in media production and videography began with a degree in photography. But a love for the...

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EP #0040 Rosalind Cardinal

When growing up, Rosalind Cardenal could not decide if she wanted to be a librarian, a vet, or the...

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EP #0039 Agi Keramidas

Dr. Agi Kirimidas is originally from Greece and has been living in the UK since 2010. His personal development...

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EP #0038 Daniel Roqueo

Daniel Raqueo is a spiritual teacher. Since 2017, he has been touching, moving, and serving. Hundreds of thousands of...

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EP #0037 Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown has been a journalist for English and French media for over 30 years. Since 1987, Daniel has...

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EP #0036 Deana Tsiapalis

Deena Chopolis. After watching her mother's lived experience with undiagnosed ADHD, post polio syndrome, and celiac disease, which resulted...

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