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EP #0033 Kate Boyle

Kate Boyle is a qualified nutritionist and food scientist and Pilates instructor. Kate has worked within the health and...

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EP #0032 Ivan Hernandez

Ivan Hernandez is a former trapeze artist turned emerging tech strategist and international keynote speaker. Experience and digital strategist...

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EP #0031 Vanessa Raath

Vanessa Raath is globally renowned for her contributions to the international sourcing community. She has delivered keynotes across three...

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EP #0030 Rael Bricker

Rael Bricker is a seasoned entrepreneur who turned a health scare into motivation, Rael leverages his diverse experiences from...

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EP #0029 Paul Sloane

Paul Sloane is an author and speaker on lateral thinking and innovation. His latest book, published by Kogan Page,...

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EP #0028 Boris Cherniak

Boris Cherniak is a comedy hypnotist, global keynote speaker, and author of You Can Do Anything. His performance blends...

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EP #0027 Chip Colquhoun

Chip Colquhoun began his storytelling professionally in 2007. He's since performed in 10 countries, presented traditional tales for the...

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EP #0026 Adrian Hui

Adrian Hui brings a melting pot of experience from multiple industries and countries, from Canada to the EU, and...

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