Rael Bricker

EP #0030 Rael Bricker

Rael Bricker is a seasoned entrepreneur who turned a health scare into motivation, Rael leverages his diverse experiences from finance to education on two continents and two listed companies. He serves businesses globally, having navigated challenges from starting companies to managing billions in loans.

His partnerships are a blend of real world experience with academic qualifications to guide people and companies towards excellence. From being 6,000 foot underground in a cold gold mine to starting an education business that grew to have 4, 000 plus students to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has seen it all.

He has listed companies on multiple international stock exchanges and his financial services group has settled more than 3 billion in loans over 20 years. Rael has a unique distinction of having sold more than one billion in mortgages from stage. Rael holds two master’s degree, an MBA and an MSc in software engineering.

He is currently a fellow of the Mortgage and Financial Association of Australia, a certified speaking professional with the Professional Speakers Australia, past chapter president of the PSA and WA, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In 2018, Rael published, Dive In, Lessons Learned Since Business School.

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