Katie Stoddart

EP #0034 Katie Stoddart

Katie Stoddart is the founder of the Focusbee, is an award-winning, transformative and conscious leadership.

Coach Katie supports entrepreneurs and companies to reach and sustain peak performance in their business.

She’s dedicated to enabling people to lead with greater joy, alignment, and purpose.

Katie started her career as an engineer working offshore, mapping the seafloor from a time at sea. She gained the experience of leading teams under stressful circumstances.

During her career, Katie has explored two of the greatest mysteries and unknowns, the infinity of the ocean, and the depth of the human psyche.

Passionate about leadership, performance and mindfulness. Katie is frequently invited to speak and host conferences she has amongst others. Spoken at Mindvalley Women in Tech 15 seconds and hosted a TEDx event for her weekly podcast, the Focus Bee show. Katie interviews international high performers and leaders.

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