EP #0011 Dr Kate Barker

Kate barker is a globally recognized chief HR leader future of work expert and an awarded authority in talent management, leadership development and people and technology advancements.

Kate’s career spans three decades. Working with clients such as Microsoft, Virgin Deloitte and Google, just to name a few.

Kate has been a regular feature on future of work, a keynote speaker and publishes on topics on digital technology disruption, innovative talent strategies, inclusive cultures, and workforce transformations at HR summits and executive roundtable globally.

Kate was invited to attend Harvard’s Women’s in Leadership program and recently commenced her PhD in Women and leadership at UCL Kate is both a dynamic engaging speaker and insightful expert advisor and a proud champion for diversity and inclusion and if that wasn’t enough Kate is a seven time marathoner who loves to cook, dance and sing despite herself confessed complete lack of talent at all three.

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