Daniel Brown

EP #0037 Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown has been a journalist for English and French media for over 30 years. Since 1987, Daniel has been based in Paris from where he reports on international current affairs, global economics, French politics, African society. Sports and world music.

Between 1991 and 2013, Daniel produced and reported for Radio France Internationale’s weekly programs covering the above topics. This meant traveling the world with a particular focus on the African continent, reporting assignments in a total of 38 countries there. In 2013, Daniel decided to move on, and Worked as a freelance for media outlets ranging from the BBC World Service to NBC’s The History Channel via Songlines Magazine and Questions Internationales.

In 2016, Daniel accepted an offer [00:02:00] as the Senior Editorial Reporter for HSC Paris, one of Europe’s most prestigious business schools. Daniel’s reports range from HEC collaboration with Muhammad Yunus Christine Lagarde and Rob Hopkins to projects promoting young women entrepreneurs from Paris’s impoverished neighborhoods and research on contested markets.

In 2020, Daniel began Breakthroughs, a monthly podcast on the impact and diversity of HEC research. These are soon to be filmed.

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