Angel Mutegi

EP #0025 Angela Mutegi

Angela Motegi is a Development Communication Specialist with over 15 years of experience working with various international and regional development organisations focusing on communication, research and strategies for social impact.

She currently runs Purple Frames, a development communication consultancy firm based in Nairobi, Kenya and supporting organisations and communities across Africa.

Angela is passionate about social and environmental justice. And she is most happy when helping developed conscious organizations, communities and individuals to achieve impact and visibility for their causes through storytelling and participatory communication approaches.

Angela has been successful in integrating storytelling, media and development communication techniques for social impact, focusing on a wide range of development issues such as agriculture, health, waste management, just to mention a few, for behavior change, research, social mobilization and advocacy.

In addition to a professional experience, Angela has a Master of Arts degree in Development Communication and Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Public Relations and Electronic Media.

Angela has been learning to dance salsa for the better part of her adult life, even though she cannot dance beyond the intermediate level.

In her next life, Angela hopes to be a cello player, even though at the moment she cannot play a musical instrument to save her life.

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