Rachel Franklin-Heys

EP #0042 Rachel Franklin-Heys

Rachel Franklin Hayes, armed with a psychology degree from the University of Reading.

Rachel’s journey began in in person customer service and sales, forging her commitment to authentic connections. Boasting a diverse background in sales, leadership, and customer service across various industries, Rachel brings a versatile set to the table. Her approach is rooted in creating meaningful face to face interactions.

Which has then evolved to fostering the same meaningful connections for digital and remote companies, shaping her into a client success powerhouse. Passionate about authenticity and people first philosophy, Rachel believes connection should extend further than transactional relationships. Her belief in the value of genuine connections extends beyond professional realms, making her not only a client success expert, but also a life skill enthusiast.

At Pickle Co, Rachel serves as a catalyst, guiding clients in crafting their unique message [00:02:00] and developing their personal brand. Her dedication goes beyond the business realm, enriching both enterprises and clients alike.

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