Deana Tsiapalis

EP #0036 Deana Tsiapalis

Deena Chopolis. After watching her mother’s lived experience with undiagnosed ADHD, post polio syndrome, and celiac disease, which resulted in an early death.

Along with her husband’s experience of living much of his early years with an undiagnosed rare metabolic disorder, Dina grew to understand the challenges of those who live with invisible chronic conditions. Being misunderstood, not believed, labelled as slow or lazy, being told that everything looks fine after testing.

That what they experience on a daily basis must all be in their head. As a pain coach, Dina, along with the chronic pain community, witnessed firsthand how chronic pain Care is truly broken. Through all of this, Dina has learned that all chronic health or chronic pain is indeed biological, psychological and social in nature.

And this is just not being shared with the chronic pain community. Even though there is 12 years of solid research to back it up. So she got to work and created a unique space exclusively for the chronic pain community to bridge the gap between physician care and the pain warrior with self care management through pain education Coaching, community and peer mentorship.

Exactly the sort of model she wished she could find when her parents and her husband needed guidance.

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