EP #0001 Bill Caskey

Bill Caskey is a sales development Leader, an experimenter who has been improving B2b Sales teams and executives since 1990.

His philosophies and strategies have fueled explosive growth in sales and profits for his clients and is passionate about sharing his ideas about selling business life money and meaning, but his work expands beyond b2b and individual training and coaching.

He is the author of same game new rules, rewire the sales mind and the sales playbook, to name a few. He also co-hosts two podcasts, the advanced selling podcast, a weekly podcast counseling salesforce’s and leaders who seek to improve their business and the Bill Caskey podcast, a deeper dive into achievement.

He believes the most important approach to any endeavor is improving one’s mindset. So naturally he enjoys business books, human development, psychology, topics as well as health and fitness books.

Bill goes on to say that we owe it to ourselves to make it a lifelong habit of learning how to master our lives.

Whether we’re leaders of teams or members of those sales teams our audience relies upon us to bring our a-game to the field every day.

It’s incumbent upon us to spend a few hours a week in personal growth so we can be at our best when the time demands. Bill’s success and passions are routed by his family and community service.

He spends time with his wife, Jane and their two daughters, Kelly and Kara who work in Indianapolis and Denver.

You can find Bill at https://billcaskey.com that’s C A S K E Y or on LinkedIn.

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