Adrian Hui

EP #0026 Adrian Hui

Adrian Hui brings a melting pot of experience from multiple industries and countries, from Canada to the EU, and in the Asia Pacific region. As a native English speaking business graduate and writer, as well as a fluent speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin, He builds bridges for communication between both Western and Eastern content narratives.

Specializing in brand storytelling, he utilizes his wordsmithing skills to optimize lead generating strategies that translate across all mediums, from corporate blogs, C suites, through leadership [00:02:00] and PR releases to packaging copy. SEO, web content, and social media. He has a knack for breaking down complex ideas and details into easily digestible content deliverables for Fortune 500 companies and startup SMEs alike.

Presently, he is the content arm of an integrated marketing agency, generating long and short form content as well as overarching branding strategies for existing clients and new business pitches. He consults clients across various industries, dimensions, including fintech, robotics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, logistics, telecom, software, cross brand, cross platform messaging, hospitality, property management, and more.

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