EP #0003 Jeremy Pollard

Jeremy Pollard started selling at the we age of 16.

He wanted a new camera. So he got a weekend job at a local camera store, learned about best cameras, made some great friends and got some staff discount as well.

And then he was head hunted into revenue responsibility roles across a range of industries industrial equipment, technology, including being employee number 5 at Microsoft Australia when it was just a challenger brand.

Jeremy spent a decade at IBM learning large account complex sales, which taught him the importance of having an in depth knowledge, but that the secret to customer focus imparted to him by the older, wiser salespeople meant listening more than selling.

Today, Jeremy helps organisations large and small around Asia Pacific win more work with the Shipley Associates Global Consulting Practice based on customer focus.

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EP #0002 Andy Rycroft

Andy Rycroft for many years has been a designer and creative director working in the UK, Italy in Australia, fine tuning his craft towards the business value of creative services, managing designers and outcomes and then in 2000, marking management for corporate after more than 20 years of bringing design value to business.

And he is now flipped his attention to bring business thinking too. Creative artists choosing to design coaching programmes for artists and creatives who want to create income and value from their talent and experience.

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EP #0001 Bill Caskey

Bill Caskey is a sales development Leader, an experimenter who has been improving B2b Sales teams and executives since 1990.

His philosophies and strategies have fueled explosive growth in sales and profits for his clients and is passionate about sharing his ideas about selling business life money and meaning, but his work expands beyond b2b and individual training and coaching.

He is the author of same game new rules, rewire the sales mind and the sales playbook, to name a few. He also co-hosts two podcasts, the advanced selling podcast, a weekly podcast counseling salesforce’s and leaders who seek to improve their business and the Bill Caskey podcast, a deeper dive into achievement.

He believes the most important approach to any endeavor is improving one’s mindset. So naturally he enjoys business books, human development, psychology, topics as well as health and fitness books.

Bill goes on to say that we owe it to ourselves to make it a lifelong habit of learning how to master our lives.

Whether we’re leaders of teams or members of those sales teams our audience relies upon us to bring our a-game to the field every day.

It’s incumbent upon us to spend a few hours a week in personal growth so we can be at our best when the time demands. Bill’s success and passions are routed by his family and community service.

He spends time with his wife, Jane and their two daughters, Kelly and Kara who work in Indianapolis and Denver.

You can find Bill at https://billcaskey.com that’s C A S K E Y or on LinkedIn.

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EP #0000 The Telling of Story Trailer

Once upon a time… an opening to a sentence that immediately conjures up the beginning of any number fairy tales. A line I’ve used on my children when they were young a million times.

An easy place to start even if you are making up a story on the fly.

Bedtime Storytellers know that a fairy tale has to have an intro, a turning point, a difficult stage and the happily ever after of course.

But how does that translate into business storytelling for the 21st century?

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